Back to School Bathroom Renovations in the Fraser Valley

Bathroom Renovations in the Fraser Valley

‘Back to School Bathroom Renovations in the Fraser Valley’ may not be the first thing that comes to mind as families forge ahead with their fall schedules. However, we do want to make a case for the many benefits this could actually provide for your day-to-day lifestyle and productivity!

Bathroom Renovations in the Fraser Valley

Bathroom renovations are definitely one of the most asked about services we offer. From flooring to backsplashes, walk-in showers to soaker tubs, added storage to heated flooring – and beyond, we believe that…

…good design principles that are perfectly applied to bathrooms can not only offer aesthetic appeal, durability and functionality, it could also save you time in maintenance and cleaning.

Whether you are in need of an extra bathroom for your growing family, or feel as though your current bathroom space could be better situated for more functional use – we can help.

Bathroom Inspo

Need some bathroom inspo? Check out these HGTV bathroom makeover ideas.

Affordable Bathroom Renos

Seeking affordable bathroom renovations? Check out some of our suggestions here. Some of which include:

  • A new backsplash, or painting an existing one with bright colours, bold patterns or unique mosaics
  • Upcycled cabinets from tear-down companies or refreshing your own used cabinets with a fresh coat of paint
  • Updated small space flooring with synthetic hard wood, painted tiles or a mixture of natural stones and rustic wood elements

The options are endless when it comes to bathroom renovations, and we are here to help you decide on what makes the most sense for your home and your budget.

Renovations in the Fraser Valley: What to Know Before You Hire a Contractor

Sayers Contracting understands that any remodeling a homeowner chooses to undergo is an investment. Which is why we also suggest these 3 TIPS WHEN HIRING A REMODELING CONTRACTOR IN THE FRASER VALLEY

Tip #1 – Be Sure to Do Your Homework Before You Build

Tip # 2 – Compare Quotes Based on Quality Products + Workmanship

Tip # 3 – Ensure You Write Up An Agreement, But Prepare To Be Flexible

Ready to get started on your Back to School Bathroom Renovations in the Fraser Valley? Feel free to request a quote or contact us to discuss your vision!

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