Top 3 Tips When Hiring a Remodeling Contractor in the Fraser Valley

Remodeling Contractor in the Fraser Valley

Whether you are looking to update your bathroom, refresh your kitchen or remodel your deck space; hiring a remodeling contractor in the Fraser Valley is step number one.

However, there are multiple tips when seeking the right person for the job. Which is where these top 3 come in to help!

Hiring a Remodeling Contractor in the Fraser Valley

Tip #1 – Be Sure to Do Your Homework Before You Build

As mentioned in our previous blog ‘Hiring a Custom Home Builder in Langley’ …

Although we are here to help walk you through the custom building in’s and out’s; there is some homework we encourage all our clients to do before building – and that is to research your contractors.

An upfront contractor will want you to ensure you are making the right choice for your project. Although we are more than happy to tell you why we’re the right choice – this is a decision we want you to be confident in based on sound knowledge, and doing your homework is key to acquiring this.

Tip # 2 – Compare Quotes Based on Quality Products + Workmanship

Quotes tend to be similar to weather. They are not overly accurate.

This is especially true when people are vying for the same contract; they can be a little over-eager to get a client on board without being fully transparent about added or unexpected costs.

A ‘cheaper quote’ does not mean a better service. In fact, it could very well mean the opposite. Which is why you should ensure you quote includes…

  • Cost of materials
  • Price of labour
  • Any building permits that may be required
  • Materials being used
  • Contingency fund for the unknowns

Quality workmanship requires quality products, so ensure you are fully aware of which brands your contractor will be using to remodel your space.

Tip # 3 – Ensure You Write Up An Agreement, But Prepare To Be Flexible

A legally binding contract protects both the client and the contractor. That being said, there needs to be an element of understanding that not everything will always go according to plan. Some things are simply out of the control of either party, including …weather, structural issues not discovered until the remodel begins, or even circumstances such as the pandemic.

Although a contract should help alleviate misunderstandings; the unknown is exactly that. As such, all parties will need great communication from the start to help alleviate added stress, cost and final outcome.

If you are looking at Hiring a Remodeling Contractor in the Fraser Valley – Sayers Contracting would love to help!

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