6 Things to Know When Building a Custom Home in BC (Post 2 of 2)

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As discussed in our previous post; if you are considering building a custom home in BC, there are some important factors to consider. Our Langley-based custom home contracting service can help you navigate such factors before you begin building, ensuring the best outcome for you and your family!

6 Things to Know When Building a Custom Home in BC

Further to what we wrote about in our last post, there are additional ways to set yourself up for success when building a custom home. These include:

  1. The Functionality of Your Floor Plan. Your floorplan is something you will go over in great detail with an architect. However, having a broad understanding of your layout, along with some flexibility, will go a long way in arriving at an actual functional space. Things such as emergency exit doorways, entranceway conveniences, storage, flow – all these small details are factors to consider. Even as small as where you will hang your keys or coats.
  2. Did We Mention Storage? Yes – we did. But we are going to delve a little bit more into it. From lawnmowers to laundry baskets, linens to boardgames, a central vacuum accessory closet – to the right size and location of your pantry. Storage is another functional need that needs to be considered. It makes a huge difference between a flowing, organized home – and feelings of disappointment for not having considered the unseen corners of your home that are imperative for every day comforts.
  3. Do the Hard Stuff Now. Meaning, invest in the things that will be costly and inconvenient if you were to add them in later. Your budget needs to be met – we fully understand, appreciate and respect that. But things such as heated flooring, soundproofing and wiring – are things that matter AS you build a home. Adding them in afterwards would require you to dig up floors, tear down walls etc. Although the upfront cost will add to your budget – if there are things you know you will want down the road, now is a better time than later.

Choosing to renovate vs. build? In our recent blog post – RENOVATING YOUR FRASER VALLEY HOME WITH RETIREMENT IN MIND, we spoke to that.

As a custom home builder, Sayers Contracting is well-versed in helping homeowners create a space that works within their budget and lifestyle. And holding the conversation of what that looks like once children have turned into grand-children, matters.

It has been said that nearly 94% of today’s older adults over 65, desire to stay in their own homes after they retire. And studies show even show the benefits of living out one’s life from the comfort of their own home.

If you are ready to customize the house of your dreams, let’s do it together. Our process is simple, easy to follow and fully transparent – and we look forward to realizing your dream house together!

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