Renovating Your Fraser Valley Home with Retirement in Mind

Renovating Your Fraser Valley Home

Many people speak to creating their ‘forever home’. But often, the retirement years are not considered in such a forever.

Which is why renovating your Fraser Valley home with retirement in mind is worth discussing.

As a custom home builder, Sayers Contracting is well-versed in helping homeowners create a space that works within their budget and lifestyle. And holding the conversation of what that looks like once children have turned into grand-children, matters.

It has been said that nearly 94% of today’s older adults over 65, desire to stay in their own homes after they retire. And studies show even show the benefits of living out one’s life from the comfort of their own home.

So how does one go about renovating a ‘forever home’ in a way that transforms it into a safe and effective retirement space? Here are a few suggestions…

Improve Floor Safety

Fall prevention is key as we age into the elderly years. From securing loose rugs to installing anti-slip flooring application on your hardwood, tile or bathtub – all of these measures can all help secure a safe home.

Restyle Your Lighting

Lighting should also be reconsidered for retirement. From a well-lit walkway, to motion activated or clap-detection lights; these measures can make a big difference.

Install Security Features

Security features – such as outdoor cameras, alarm system, smart entryway doorbell cameras etc., will help retirees feel at ease within their home. It also allows you to see who’s at the door, and even allow them access without getting up.

Relocating the Master Bedroom

If your master bedroom is on an upper floor, consider bringing it to the main living area for an easy transition from sleeping space, to living space.

Widen Entranceways

If a walker or wheelchair is a mobility device you may want access to, having wider doorways will allow for this. As well, don’t forget about stairlift options.

Renovating with retirement in mind is worth considering, and as mentioned on our Home Renovations page

…a home is considered a place for comfort and enjoyment, functional to entertain guests, and practical for everyday use. It’s a haven where you can relax and retreat after a hard day or functional for demanding family schedules. All-in-all, a home must be safe and enjoyable for every family.

We are focused on constructing beautiful spaces for your home, whether the job is big or small, our professionals can help you every step of the way.

If you or a loved one is interested in Renovating Your Fraser Valley Home with Retirement in Mind  – we would love to help!

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