The Most Common Ways to Increase the Resale Price of Your House

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Are you contemplating listing your house for sale in the Fraser Valley? If so, you should be aware of the most common ways to increase the resale price of your house.

Sayers Contracting is happy to help provide you with a variety of renovation, addition and upgrade opportunities for your home, which could pay off nicely in the year to come!

What are the Most Common Renovations for a Home’s Resale Value?

When it comes to investing in changes to a home, homeowners tend to seek renovations that will serve them in the short-term, while also providing long-term resale benefits.

Historically, the most common renovations in which to increase the resale value of any home includes bathroom renovations and kitchen renovations. These are the areas in a home that buyers most often look to as a home’s selling feature, and one we feel is worth the investment.

Quick and Affordable Renos to Increase Your Home’s Resale Value

In our recent post ‘Top 3 Ways to Quickly and Affordably Renovate Your Bathroom’, we discussed quick and affordable ways homeowners can update their bathroom. These ideas included:

  • Adding in storage to make the space look more functionally appealing
  • Repainting the space to quickly fresh up the space
  • Replacing things such as hardware, cabinets, as well as investing in shower head upgrades to create a spa-like atmosphere

Small upgrades can make a big difference when it comes to the curb appeal of your home, and we can help you achieve that quickly and affordably.

Modern Renovations Making a Difference in 2021

With people spending more time in their homes, many are seeking ways to enhance their space to create a more productive and inviting place.

As such, modern renovations making a big splash already this year include:

Decks & Exterior Renovations – giving families the opportunity to extend their living space to the great outdoors. Not only can this increase the square footage footprint, it is also incredibly appealing to potential buyers.

Interior Additions – are also coming up strong as it relates to home renos. From home offices to creating open concept living; interior additions are a big deal so far in 2021, and we’re happy to create them for you as you see fit.

Seeking to increase the resale price of your house? Let’s chat! Contact us today via Email: [email protected] or by Phone: (604) 862-5927, and we’ll get you on your way as quickly as possible – and look forward to doing so.

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