Top 3 Ways to Quickly and Affordably Renovate Your Bathroom

Sayers Contracting is proud to offer bathroom renovations to customers across the Fraser Valley, delivering a tranquil space to relax and unwind. Although kitchen renovations are often the first home improvement homeowners make, bathrooms are an extremely close second in appeal.

Which is why we want to share these “Top 3 Ways to Quickly and Affordably Renovate Your Bathroom”; offering you ideas to enhance your space, as well as suggest simple renovations that are an affordable option!

Create Calm with Storage        

Creating a relaxing atmosphere means ensuring your space is calm and clutter free. Whether you need added storage to make your bathroom a more functional space, or you could benefit from taking stock of an overabundance of items in your bathroom and need help figuring out the best bathroom layout remodel – we can help.

Repaint Your Space

A gallon of paint can go a long way in delivering fresh appeal to your bathroom, as setting the tone for any space with colour is a great and affordable way to bring fresh life into a dull room.

This can be further enhanced with added accents such as – towels and candles, as well as reconfiguring your shower space, or adding in a skylight. The possibilities are endless, and we’re here to offer our expertise.

Replace Key Items

Another affordable bathroom renovation idea for your Fraser Valley home includes – replacing key items and repurposing what you already have, such as cabinets. Sometimes a simple refurbishing of your cabinets with paint and new hardware can deliver the right update without the wrong price tag.

Other affordable bathroom upgrades can include – a new showerhead such as a waterfall shower head or a high-pressure multi-shower head option, or even a massage shower head. Changing out your shower head can change your bathing experience entirely, and bring the spa home to you!

When you are ready to remodel your bathroom, our professionals are here to ensure your questions are answered, and that the decision made provides you with sensible choices resulting in a smart investment.

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