Why You May Want to Consider Beginning Your Deck Building Project in the Spring

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At Sayers Contracting, our deck building services are something homeowners across the Lower Mainland come to us for. And although any season is ‘the right season’ to enjoy a deck, we want to share why you may way to consider beginning your project in the spring.

Why You May Want to Consider Beginning Your Deck Building Project in the Spring

Starting your deck building project in the spring offers several advantages. Some such advantages include:

Weather Conditions

Although there is a significant amount of rain in the Lower Mainland, spring offers a window of potential dry days, which makes for a better building environment.

Extended Daylight Hours

Longer hours also helps with a longer daily building window.

Landscaping Opportunities

Landscaping around your new deck creates a sense of ‘completion’ for your project, and spring provides the perfect time to do so.

Other Beneficial Factors Include

  • Curing Time for Materials
  • Seasonally Appropriate Use
  • Availability of Contractors and Materials

While spring offers various advantages for starting a project, Sayers Contracting is here to help you any time of the year. It is crucial to plan and budget carefully to ensure the successful and timely completion of your deck, and we are here to help you with that also!

Deck Building in the Lower Mainland

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Whether you need a new outdoor space or upgrade an existing deck, we have an expert level of craftsmanship to build you what you’re looking for. Extend your living space outside and enjoy your summers with friends and family.

Our professionals can help you on your decisions with cost, size, complexity and materials to ensure you can receive a good ROI on your investments. Upgrading outdoor decks have become hugely popular and considered a bonus feature when purchasing a home.

Curious to know more or ready to get started? Contact us here to discuss your deck building project. Also – be sure to check out our latest blog 5 Exterior Renovations in Langley that Can Transform Your Home

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