4 Things to Know Before Beginning Your Commercial Construction Project in BC

Commercial Construction Improvements

Starting a commercial construction project in BC requires careful planning and consideration, regardless of the type of building you aim to build. Which is why we want to share these 4 key factors to be aware of before beginning your project.

4 Things to Know Before Beginning Your Commercial Construction Project

Although there are additional conversations that need to take place before construction would begin, these are some good starting points to be aware of before beginning any construction project.

  1. Your Overall Project Objectives …Ensure you clearly define the scope and objectives of your project, including building purpose and desired outcome.
  2. Budget …Develop a detailed budget that includes a contingencies cost plan for unexpected costs. Our development team would be happy to help you with this!
  3. Schedule & Timeline …Establish a realistic timeline for the project, considering factors such as seasonal weather conditions, permitting processes, and potential delays.
  4. Site Analysis …Having your site analyzed for soil conditions, environmental impact, accessibility, and utility permits will ensure you address challenges early in the planning process – of which we will manage for you as well.

Other Considerations:

  • Choosing the Right Professional Team
  • Reviewing the Contractual Agreements
  • Discussing a Communication Plan

By addressing these considerations before commencing your commercial construction project, you can set a solid foundation for success, while also minimizing the likelihood of issues arising during the construction process.

Commercial Construction Project in BC – Allow Sayers to Help!

As mentioned on our commercial construction service page

Commercial spaces need updates too. Whether you are seeking to update an existing commercial space, or you are looking for a new build, our design/build process is here to help. We can work with strata’s and the cities to make sure the job meets everyone’s needs in a timely and efficient manner.

Curious to know more? View Our Commercial Renovations Photos or contact us to discuss your business needs and how we might assist you!

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