Why Building a Deck in the Fall Might Make Sense

Building a Deck in the Fall

Ready to increase your home’s livable space with a custom deck build? Building a deck in the fall might make sense – and we want to explain why!

Why Building a Deck in the Fall Might Make Sense

Having a contractor come in – such as ourselves, to build you a deck in the fall can be a strategic and advantageous choice for several reasons. Some of which include:

Quick Permit Turnaround Time

Local government offices tend to be less busy in the fall. This can lead to quicker permit approval for your project.

Beneficial Landscaping Season

Although some may not be aware of this, fall is also an excellent time for landscaping and planting. With our mild west coast weather, it often extends the planting season. This gives small shrubs and trees time to take root outside the harsh sun of summer, or the frigid soil in winter.

Extended Living Space Before the Holidays

Building a deck is an excellent way to extend livable space, providing an outdoor oasis any time of year. Whether you have always wanted to have larger gatherings that the interior of your home simply doesn’t allow for, or you wish to have an area for holiday gatherings; extending your home with a patio is an affordable addition option.

Building a deck in the fall can be a practical choice. Careful planning can help ensure it plays out with all the benefits a custom deck build can offer your home!

Lower Mainland Custom Deck Building

As discussed on our Deck and Exterior Renovations page…

Whether you need a new outdoor space or desire to upgrade your existing deck, we offer expert level craftsmanship to build you what you’re looking for. Our professionals can help you in the decision process with cost, size, complexity and materials to ensure you receive the best ROI on your investments.

If building a deck in the fall is something you feel could benefit your home – we would love to have a conversation with you about how we can help! Contact us here to get started.

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