Generate Rental Income with Custom Suite Construction in Abbotsford

With the cost of living rising and the need for rental space growing, providing a solution for both is something Sayers Contracting can help our community with through our custom suite construction in Abbotsford or the surrounding communities.

Whether you are wanting to build an in-home or adjacent suite for your adult children, your retired parents, or as an income generator – we can help.

Custom Suite Construction in Abbotsford

As mentioned on our Home Renovations and Additions page…

Home updates are recommended every 15-20 years, but it can also be done sooner. Whether it’s done to improve your home aesthetically, increase functionality, improve energy-efficiency, enhance curb appeal or fix outdated settings. It’s likely that by doing so, you also increase the selling value of your home.

We are focused on constructing beautiful spaces for your home, whether the job is big or small, our professionals can help you every step of the way.

Keep in mind that when considering custom suite construction in Abbotsford – as per our previous blog ‘Fraser Valley Rental Suite Additions’, is understanding…

…whether your home is capable of supporting a legal suite. In order to be legal, a suite (and the property it’s on) must:

  • follow all municipal bylaws,
  • meet all building code requirements,
  • have all the necessary permits,
  • undergo an official inspection, and
  • be issued an Occupancy Permit by the city.

Illegal” suites don’t adhere to one or more of those restrictions. Violations can range from minor issues such as a slightly-too-low ceiling to big issues such as major fire safety risks. While suites with minor violations can’t legally be rented out, they are (usually) technically legal to have in your home for you and your family’s own personal use.

Add-On Income Generating Renovations Possibilities

The term ‘affordable housing’ doesn’t really exist here in the Lower Mainland any longer. But making it ‘more affordable’ is possible with the investment of various income generating renovations.

These also align with custom suite construction, but move past your traditional basement suite into coach house and pool house options. As an ‘adjacent’ structure, there are different rules involved pertaining to rental properties – of which you will want to verify with your municipality before any construction would occur.

Learn about government requirements for rental suits in BC here

If your family is in need or additional space for family, or for added funds – Sayers Contracting would love to discuss that with you and are here to help in any way we can!

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