Langley Kitchen Remodeling Contractor: 3 Tips to Help You Design Your Dream Kitchen

Langley Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

If you are seeking a Langley kitchen remodeling contractor – you found us!

With nearly 2-decades in the construction industry, we are well-versed in what works well and how we can work well with our customers. And these tips can help with both those objectives!

3 Tips to Help You Design Your Dream Kitchen

1. Know How You Intend to Use Your Kitchen

Understanding how you flow within your kitchen space is important. Whether you enjoy being a part of the main living area and want an open concept design, or you prefer a separate space where you can craft your culinary arts in peace; knowing how you intend to use your dream kitchen is for you to decide and us to facilitate.

Other considerations within your kitchen include…

  • Is it a space where your kids like to do their homework?
  • Do you like it to be a hub for entertaining guests?
  • Will a formal dining space be used, or would you prefer plentiful seating at an island and/or a breakfast nook?

2. Don’t Forget About the Lighting

Homeowners often think ‘cabinets and countertops’ when it comes to a kitchen remodel. We want to remind those seeking to invest in their kitchen not to forget about their lighting too.

Kitchen Lighting to Consider Includes…

Overall lighting for the space. Whether that involves recessed pot lights, pendent overhead island lighting, or centralized lights to illuminate the entire kitchen.

Task lighting, which includes under cabinet lighting, over sink lighting, or even being aware of your hood fan lighting options.

Feature lighting can also extend past a pretty chandelier. A fixture such as an Edison bulb lighting fixture for the dining area is both trendy and timeless – while keeping in mind the design flow throughout each lighting choice.

3. Plan Your Storage Solutions

This is also an area that is often overlooked. In the excitement of having a ‘pretty kitchen’, the finer details of storage can be forgotten. Which – we’re here to remind you of and help you with!

Whether that includes a new built-in pantry, open concept shelving, additional cabinetry – or other options we can discuss.

Langley Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

In a previous blog we mentioned that…

Kitchen renovations in Langley – and the surrounding communities, are known to be one of the top ways homeowners can do so!

At Sayers Contracting, we pride ourselves on building or remodeling exceptional kitchens, helping homeowners find more enjoyment in their kitchen, as well as assisting in improving their home’s resale value.

As the top selling feature that potential buyers look for, upgrading your kitchen is sure to increase the market value of your home. Or – if you are not looking to sell, it will also create a more enjoyable space from which to entertain friends and family for years to come.

– Sayers Contracting

Sayers Contracting is here to help you make the right renovation choice for the best lifestyle outcome. Whether seeking a Langley Kitchen Remodeling Contractor, or looking for an entirely new customer build – we excited to help!

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