Fraser Valley Rental Suite Additions: Adding a Rental Suite to Your Home in BC

Rental properties are increasingly in demand as the population grows and property prices soar in BC. Which makes Adding a Rental Suite to Your Home in BC an attractive idea. Not only to provide a solution for those seeking a rental; but also as a homeowner to help offset your mortgage costs.

This is something Sayers Contracting offers as a custom home builder in BC, and would love to discuss!

Fraser Valley Rental Suite Additions

Fraser Valley Rental Suite Additions can include everything from a basement suite in the lower level of your home, a nanny suite adjacent to your home, a coach house above your garage, or even a pool house.

Whether using the space as a rental income property, for your university aged young adult, or helping out your aging parents; there are a variety of reasons people choose to create a suite in their home. Making it fit your home is where we come in.

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A home is considered a place for comfort and enjoyment, functional to entertain guests, and practical for everyday use. It’s a haven where you can relax and retreat after a hard day or functional for demanding family schedules. All-in-all, a home must be safe and enjoyable for every family.

– Sayers

Understanding the In’s and Outs of a Legal Suite in BC

Madson Langlois informs homeowners as to what to be aware of regarding a legal suite, which includes…

…thing to be aware of is whether your home is capable of supporting a legal suite. In order to be legal, a suite (and the property it’s on) must:

  • follow all municipal bylaws,
  • meet all building code requirements,
  • have all the necessary permits,
  • undergo an official inspection, and
  • be issued an Occupancy Permit by the city.

Illegal” suites don’t adhere to one or more of those restrictions. Violations can range from minor issues such as a slightly-too-low ceiling to big issues such as major fire safety risks. While suites with minor violations can’t legally be rented out, they are (usually) technically legal to have in your home for you and your family’s own personal use.

Curious to know more about our Fraser Valley Rental Suite Additions? We are focused on constructing beautiful spaces for your home. Whether the job is big or small, our professionals can help you every step of the way!

Learn about government requirements for rental suits in BC here

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