Staged to Sell in 2022: Affordable Langley Renovations for Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Seeking to sell your house in the New Year? If so, consider these ‘Affordable Langley Renovations for Your Kitchen and Bathroom’ in order to stage your home in the best possible light!

Affordable Langley Renovations for Your Bathroom

Sayers Contracting proudly delivers renovations for your bathroom in Langley and the surrounding communities.

There are many affordable ways you can update this space yourself, or via a contractor – as discussed in our blog post THE MOST POPULAR BATHROOM RENOVATIONS WORTH INVESTING IN

Backsplash & Flooring

Your bathroom backsplash and flooring are quick, effective and affordable ways to update your bathroom. Whether choosing timeless flooring or injecting some trending tiles to update your bathroom oasis, the options are as plentiful as the price point.

Popular backsplash and flooring options include:

  • Bright colours
  • Bold patterns
  • Unique mosaics
  • Mixed modern materials
  • Wood and stone natural elements

Whether you want us to come in and remodel your bathroom to sell, or you wish to update a recent home purchase – we would be happy to help with all your Langley renovation needs!

Affordable Langley Renovations for Your Kitchen

As with bathrooms, Sayers Contracting also delivers renovations for your kitchen in Langley and the surrounding communities.

This space is arguably one of the most important rooms in a home – especially when it comes to resale value.


A kitchen remodel can have a variable price-tag attached to it; and depending on the renovations completed, that price-tag will go up or down accordingly.

Kitchen Renovations that include such things as: new cabinets, an island add-on, flooring, high-end countertops, as well as appliances, will be the larger ticket items within your renovation.

A more simplistic kitchen remodel can provide you with new hardware, refinishing old cabinets and using laminate over granite. All of which can deliver the results you might be looking for without the high prices attached, especially if you are seeking to renovate your home for resale purpose.

If you are seeking affordable bathroom or kitchen renovation in Langley, Surrey, Abbotsford – or any of the surrounding communities this coming year, we would be happy to discuss your options in order to increase your home’s value, or your personal comfort in 2022!

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