Choose Local: Custom Home Builders in Langley

Building your dream home is an undertaking you will definitely want to leave to the professionals. And as custom home builders in Langley, Sayers Contracting offers professional local and trusted service you can rely on in 2022.

But before you begin …there are a few things you should know.

What to Know Before Your Build

As described on  …here are 10 things you should know before you build a house:

1. Your schedule is a guideline.

2. Design for your future.

3. Finish before moving in.

4. Plan for storage.

5. Research contractors.

6. Sweat equity is king.

7. Invest in fixtures.

8. Go neutral.

9. You’ll spend your own money.

10. It’s stressful but rewarding.

We could agree more on all 10 points, but especially the ‘rewarding’ comment. If built well, a custom home will provide you with a personalized haven you will adore coming home to, entertain at, and build memories in – and Sayers Contracting is here to help!

Custom Home Builders in Langley

As customer home builders in Langley, we will help you make the right choices for you and your family. We will also help you avoid costly mistakes – as mentioned in our blog post Things You Should Avoid When Building a Home in BC

Poor Planning

It goes without saying that poor planning will lead to disaster. But there are multiple aspects to ‘poor planning’, which someone seeking to build a custom home in BC may not think about.

These include…

  • Common Flooding Areas… With high levels of rain in BC, buying the right piece of land that has the ability to absorb it, will ensure your home stays dry instead of afloat.
  • Lifestyle… Understanding what part of a home holds the most value for you is important to know. Perhaps your outdoor space is actually more important that your indoor living. Knowing this will have you focussing your budget where it matters most to you.
  • Where the Sun Rises and Sets… Perhaps an odd forethought that a lot of people don’t look into, but an important one, nonetheless. Where you want to position your kitchen or living room windows vs your bedroom windows – is important. Having a hot bedroom at the end of a summer day is not ideal, nor are high air conditioning costs to keep common areas in your home cool. So, although pretty to look at – sunrises and sunsets may not offer a longstanding appeal when it comes to warmth and cost vs a well thought out location.

Building a custom home in Langley or the surrounding communities is a big undertaking – and we’re here to help provide clear direction and guidance from the start.

Ready to build the home of your dreams? Contact us via Email: or Telephone: (604) 862-5927 …we look forward to making your dreams a reality!

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