Rainy Weather Home Renovations in the Lower Mainland

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Although some might think the rainy weather might stop their home renovations in the Lower Mainland from being completed – it won’t!

Fall is an excellent time for various interior and exterior renovations, rain or shine. This even includes those deck additions you didn’t get around to over the summer, but still desire to have.

With such temperate winters throughout the Fraser Valley and Metro Vancouver, homeowners tend to use their decks year-round, and we can help you extend your living space this way. Yes, even during the rainy season.

Home Renovations in the Lower Mainland

Curious what other home renovations can be done over the rainy season? As mentioned in a previous blog post, our Home Renovations in the Lower Mainland include…

Kitchens …the hub of the home, helping you bring your family and friends together in a central spot that you feel is functional, spacious and welcoming.

Bathrooms …a space to retreat to at the end of a long workday, creating your own spa experience in the sanctuary of your home any day of the week.

Decks & Exterior Renovations … enjoy your outdoor space all year long – from decks to newly constructed stairs that give you access to your backyard or acquiring privacy via an added fence or pergola. Skies the limit, and we’re here to help you live beautifully beneath it!

Interior Renovations & Additions …whether you’re adding another room to enhance your newly acquired ‘work from home’ experience, or you’re adding to your family and needing the extra space for such growing needs – we are here to help you add value to your home and provide you with the space you need to make life more manageable.

Deck Renovations – in the Rain

As mentioned, we offer deck renovations – even in the rain. Sayers Contracting is here to help your space align with what matters to you as a homeowner, both inside and out.

Decks have become hugely popular as an added living space for homes, and rightfully so. They offer a convenient getaway without leaving the comforts of your house, while providing a safe space for family and friends to mingle.

Ready to get going on your Home Renovations in the Lower Mainland? We’re ready to help! Request a quote here.

Seeking deck design ideas? Here are some to get your started!

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