3 Reasons Why September is a Great Time to Secure Your Home Renovations in Chilliwack

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Understandably, not many of us want to entertain the idea of fall quite yet. However, there are a few reasons why September is a great time to secure your home renovations in Chilliwack, or the surrounding communities.

Regardless of what type of home updates you wish to do, Sayers Contracting is here to help you make an informed decision.

Home renovations are an excellent way to increase the value of your home, while also improving your lifestyle overall!

Home Renovations in Chilliwackthe top 3 reasons why NOW is the right time

1. Play Time is Over, Let’s Get to Work!

With the summer season coming to a close and fall bringing about the structure that many enjoy, getting back to work can actually feel like a relief.

With that relief comes the reoganization of schedules and planning for the future.

Perhaps part of that future includes a new home office renovation for your Chilliwack farmhouse. Or perhaps you are wanting to extend your homes liveable space – outdoors. Our deck and exterior renovations in help add onto your home’s square footage, as discussed in our this blog post.

2. Beat the Heat AND the Rain

Across the Lower Mainland, we had an unseasonally hot summer. It is also expected to follow suit with an odd fall. Which, in the Fraser Valley often means rain.

Making September the right time to begin your home renovations in Chilliwack or other outlying areas. Doing so outside of the heat, and the rain – and keeping your space the right temperature as we tackle whichever renovation you choose!

3. Thinking Ahead for the New Year

Seeking a more home comprehensive renovation? Our customer home builders and renovation specialists can offer you everything from a custom new home build, to a kitchen remodel – and everything in-between.

View More or feel free to contact us to discuss, and Secure Your Home Renovations in Chilliwack this September!

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