The Most Popular Bathroom Renovations Worth Investing In

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Considering bathroom renovations in Langley or the surrounding communities? Sayers Contracting has been offering popular bathroom renovations long before they were ‘trending’, and we are excited to continue to do so!

It is always fulfilling to help homeowners eager to improve their quality of life in any way we can. Bathroom renovations are a simple yet sustainable way to do so, and a popular choice in the renovation arena.

Popular Updates for Bathroom Renovations

Bathrooms are usually the smallest space in any home. As such, renovating them can be affordable if you’re mindful of how and where you’re spending your money.

Consider the following popular bathroom renovations to help steer you in the right directions…

Backsplash & Flooring

Your bathroom backsplash and flooring are quick, effective and affordable ways to update your bathroom. Whether choosing timeless flooring or injecting some trending tiles to update your bathroom oasis, the options are as plentiful as the price point.

Popular backsplash and flooring options include:

  • Bright colours
  • Bold patterns
  • Unique mosaics
  • Mixed modern materials
  • Wood and stone natural elements

Timeless + Trending Countertops

Slab countertops are popular among bathroom renovation specialists right now. Such durable appeal is also timeless, while giving an affordable high-end look to your space as well.

Butcher block style countertops are also making a big splash. Such rustic bathroom renovations can turn your space into a spa-like setting, while also improving the resale value of your home for both an immediate and future return on your investment.

As discussed on our bathroom renovations page:

…the bathroom is considered to be one of the most important places of many homes. Although commonly overlooked, the bathroom can be a place of solitude, a start and end to every day, or a sanctuary to relax and unwind.

Good design principles that are perfectly applied to bathrooms can not only offer aesthetic appeal, durability and functionality, it could also save you time in maintenance and cleaning.

– Sayers Contracting

Updating your bathroom is always a good investment. This is where you will get the best return on your investment, while also immediately improving your quality of life.

Contacts us to discuss your bathroom renovations in Langley or the surrounding communities. We look forward to turning your dream space into a reality!

Also, if you are weighing your ‘saving vs splurging bathroom renovation options – check out the advice Scott McGillvray offers here!

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