What to Consider Before Creating an Open-Concept Kitchen

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Open-concept kitchens are incredibly popular right now – and rightly so! Such space creates a sense of flow in your home, and is also a great selling feature that can add excellent value to your investment.

However, there are things a homeowner should consider before creating an open-concept kitchen, and we’re here to help unpack those for you!

Have Your Kitchen’s Load-Bearing Walls Assessed by a Professional

Before blowing out any walls and creating your ideal open-concept kitchen, it is of the utmost importance that you have a professional come in to assess your kitchen’s load-bearing walls.

Tearing down a wall that is intended to keep the roof up is clearly a disaster. That being said, there are ways around replacing an entire wall with alternatives – such as pillars. But this can only be assessed by someone who has the experience and expertise to do so. So invest wisely!

Discuss Flow Before You Begin Your Kitchen Remodel

What “open-concept” might mean to one homeowner may look entirely different from another. Some may want a complete minimalistic feel, while others may simply want a more streamlined island and counter space. So discussing flow with your kitchen remodeling company will ensure they see your vision before they begin demolition.

Kitchens and Contingency Funds Go Hand-in-Hand

Depending on the age of your home, there can be a variety of surprises that arise with a kitchen remodel. From asbestos in your linoleum flooring to building code issues with your plumbing, gas line emergencies, venting concerns, electrical mishaps – and more.

Which is why having a contingency fund is important. It will allow for any unexpected remodeling costs to be accounted for while keeping the project moving ahead.

No one wants to be stuck in a half finished space – especially when it comes to the kitchen. So hope for the best, while still budgeting for potential issues.

If you are planning an open-concept kitchen renovation in the Lower Mainland, having a conversation with a contractor is an excellent place to start – and Sayers Contracting would love to be on the other end of the phone.

We can create, customize or completely overhaul your kitchen, ensuring you are completely happy with the results via a trusted kitchen renovation company in the Lower Mainland, ready to turn your open-concept dreams, into a reality!

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