Building a New Home in BC this Summer? Ensure You Secure a Trusted Builder!

Planning on building a new home in BC this summer? Ensure you secure a trusted builder to guarantee your budget is maintained and your results are as expected.

At Sayers Contracting, we offer custom built residential homes across Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. Whether you’re seeking to invest in your first home with additional suites for rental income, or your family has outgrown your current space and wish to build a ‘forever after home’ – we understand the many facets of constructing a home and can help ensure you make the best decisions before you build!

What Makes Up a Trusted Home Builder?

There are various factors that go into what makes up a trusted home builder. Whether seeking a builder you can trust with your financial investment, or uncovering a builder who can create the type of home you wish to design – every piece of information counts.

Which is why you should consider these important factors when choosing a builder…

Establish the Type of Builder You Want

Finding the right fit for your design style is important. Where some builders may excel at ultra-modern homes, others may be more advanced at log homes or traditional builds. Finding a builder who has the design history that reflects your desired outcome will likely help you secure the end-result you dreamed of.

Dig Into Credentials and Experience

Credentials and experience go a long way when it comes to a contracting company. Although some companies may have dabbled in finishing carpentry; constructing an entire home top-to-bottom is an entirely different thing. So being able to see the type of credentials a company has, along with gaining exposure into what type of experience they bring to the job, will be paramount in a successful home build.

Check Insurance, Agree on Cost and Discuss Involvement

Whichever builder you choose should have both public and personal insurance to protect themselves, as well as you and anyone else who comes onto your property. Accidents and injuries can happen during a home build, so ensuring the liability falls on your builder will give you peace of mind and the needed results to complete the job within your budget and timeline.

Which brings us to our next point – budget. Agreeing on cost is clearly vital. There should, however, be contingency fund for anything you may want to change or add as you go. In which case, discussing your involvement throughout the process is also important.

Where some clients wish to hand over the detailed blueprints and let a builder accomplish the task as quickly as possible; others want to have a hands-on approach to be able to see the results and make any modifications as they go.

Choosing the right builder might seem daunting at first, but securing someone you trust will make all the difference in the process as well as the outcome. We’re here to help alleviate any of your concerns if you choose us as your custom home builder, and look forward to doing so this summer!

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