Make Your Home the Ideal Staycation by Creating a Bathroom Spa this Spring

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With the unknowns of where we will be allowed to venture out to this spring, many homeowners are seeking ways to make home improvements, creating a space they can enjoy any day of the week. And why not? Not only are home improvements an affordable way to increase its value, such things can also provide you and your family with a staycation worthy space.

One way in which to do so is by creating a bathroom spa this spring. Which just so happens to be one of the top rooms in a home that future buyers will look to for their buying decisions as well.

So while you’re getting ahead of the sales curve, you will also be able to enjoy your very own home spa for as many years as you choose – starting THIS year, and here’s how!

Invest in a New Bath and Shower to Give it a Spa-Like Appeal

The reason so many of us love the spa, is often for the calming and aesthetically pleasing nature of it. Which is something you can also mimic within your own bathroom by investing in a new walk-in shower and/or soaker tub.

Walk-in showers are a very popular bathroom renovation choice, offering relaxing rain shower options, among many other spray nozzles and settings for your shower space, turning it into a steam room worth spending time in.

Insert a Fireplace Into Your Bathroom Space

If you want to really up-the-ante; insert a fireplace into your bathroom space. This will give it a warm glow at the flick of a switch and change the ambiance in a beautiful way.

Bathroom Home Spa Tip: Add a bubble bar into your bathroom for equal parts fun and tranquility. For the ultimate bubble bath experience, have a variety of scented Epsom salts on hand with comforting diffuser scents, bath bombs, oils – or any other bath-time addition to turn your soak into an experience.

Add in Natural Wood Elements

From live-edge tables to waterfall wood islands and butcher block countertops; wood is a timeless renovation addition to any home, and your bathroom should not be ignored on that front.

Whether adding in wood shelving, cabinets or a steam space – adding in a wood element can truly take your bathroom from simple to west coast spa in as little as a day.

Install Heated Floors

Nothing is more shocking to your feet than stepping on an ice-cold floor. So consider adding in heated floors to finish off your bathroom oasis for the ultimate luxury spa experience. Another resale value add, as well as provides you with immediate comfort.

The bathroom is considered to be one of the most important places in a home, second only to the kitchen. If you are contemplating remodelling your bathroom in your Lower Mainland home, consult with our bathroom contractors at Sayers Contracting with any questions you might have. We are here to help you arrive at a smart investment that you can enjoy now and for years to come!

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