Affordable Home Additions: Create Your Dream ‘Work from Home’ Space

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Whether you have transferred over into ‘work from home’ position in the past year, or you are seeking to start your own business from the comfort of home – Sayers Contracting can provide you with affordable home additions in Langley, Surrey, Abbotsford & throughout the Fraser Valley.

Allow us to create your dream ‘work from home’ space this year and discover the difference an optimal working environment can make to your productivity!

Why a Dedicated ‘Work from Home’ Space is Important

It is one thing to call the dining room table your “home office”, but it is another thing entirely to be productive working from such a space.

A dedicated home office can truly make a huge difference to your lifestyle, your stress levels and your productivity. Not only that but creating a home office may be more affordable than you think and pay off beyond what you knew was possible!

What Questions Should You Ask Before Havin a Home Office Built?

Will the addition add value to my home?

Overall, you always want to add value to your home when renovating your space. By adding in additional rooms – especially home offices, will always add value to your home. So this can provide you with both immediate benefits, as well as a long-term payoff.

How will my addition tie into the house?

Fitting in an ultra-modern office to a highly traditional home might be a stark contrast to your space. However, if your end-goal is to slowly transform your home into a modern oasis – your addition will absolutely tie in, and we are here to help every step of the way.

What is the fixed, and the variable cost of an addition?

Home renovations always have a general fixed cost, but they also have variable costs that we simply can’t always plan for. Whether discovered a plumbing or electrical problem or running into another unforeseen problem beyond our control – we will absolutely address it, but homeowners also need to be prepared for variable costs to their budget.

Affordable home additions sound nice but choosing the right home builder to conduct them will mean the difference between getting what you paid for and being sorry you ever started.

We want to help you prevent the latter by providing you with our trusted contracting services, delivering home renovations and additions to endless happy customers across the Lower Mainland.

Big or small – we’re ready to help, and look forward to creating your dream workspace this year, while enhancing your success as well!

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