Why a Custom Design Home Builder is the Right Choice

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Whether renovating or starting from scratch, your custom design home builder in Langley will make all the difference in bringing your dream space to reality.

When designing a new home, you are not only investing in your future, but you are also “buying into” the company who will build it for you. So, making a sound decision from the start will be paramount to your success.

Homebuilding is a multi-faceted endeavor and detail oriented one at that, which is why every detail matters in order to choose the right builder.

Their experience, skills and commitment to their customers will play a key part in the process as well as the outcome. They will either alleviate the stressful reality that comes from building a new home – or be the cause of it. We, of course, aim to be the stress reliever.

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation(CMHC) offers some great tips on how to choose a home builder in BC, which we have condensed for you here to help you get on your way to being a dream homeowner!

  • Ensure your builder of choice is registered with the Homeowners Protection Office and the Canadian Home Builders’ Association of BC – which provide important home warranty coverages.
  • Go the extra mile and be sure to contact references to qualify that the builder has truly done the work on their behalf. As well, visit as many homes as you can – from the outside at the very least.
  • Make a list of what you liked and didn’t like about each home to really be able to give your BC custom builder specific details that are relatable to them.
  • If you are purchasing land in a newly developed/developing area, ensure you know the building plans for the area in case the view you are purchasing has future a condo going up that will block it, or the open countryside you think you are purchasing has multi-family home development plans.

Many homebuyers are no longer wanting to invest in the cookie-cutter designs being offered, so custom built homes are rapidly increasing across Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. Custom home builds in the Lower Mainland give a home buyer the opportunity to design a space that meets their specific needs, and is personalized in ways that matter to them. In addition, they can make changes to their home as they see fit, without strata rules or design limitations as often as they choose.

Whether you are looking to customize your current home or are seeking to design and build a new home in BC – Allow Sayers Contracting to help you fulfill this dream. We are proud of the workmanship we have provided throughout the years and believe you will feel confident in choosing us!

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