Improve the Value and Comfort of Your Home with a Kitchen Renovation

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As a Red Seal certified company, Sayers Contracting is proud to deliver our construction services throughout Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford – and the surrounding areas. Our guarantee is that we complete your project as discussed, keeping your renovations to code regulations, while delivering the results you intended within the budget agreed upon.

We love transforming your ideas into reality, and improving the value of your home along the way is a definite bonus. Which is something a kitchen renovation can truly accomplish.

Whether you’re looking to sell your home, or simply wish to redesign your space in a way that makes more sense for you and your family – we can help!

Kitchen Renovations – Create a Return on Your Investment

A kitchen remodel can have a variable price-tag attached to it; and depending on the renovations completed, that price-tag will go up or down accordingly.

Kitchen Renovations that include such things as: new cabinets, an island add-on, flooring, high-end countertops, as well as appliances, will be the larger ticket items within your renovation.

A more simplistic kitchen remodel can provide you with new hardware, refinishing old cabinets and using laminate over granite. All of which can deliver the results you might be looking for without the high prices attached, especially if you are seeking to renovate your for re-sale purpose.

Budgeting for Kitchen Renovations

Agreeing upon a budget that works for you, is the first step in any renovation. Surprise costs or coming in over budget is never a welcome reality, and our aim is to completely eliminate that from the possibility right from the start.

As such, here are some important measures you can take to budget for your kitchen renovation in Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford – or the surrounding communities.

Invest in a Reliable Outcome: If your aim is to keep your home and enjoy the renovations for years to come, invest in items that will stand the test of time and not require replacing in a few years down the road.

Improve Within Your Means: Take time to revisit your renovation wish list in order to really narrow down the things that will work within your budget, while still creating the appeal you’re hoping for. Homeowners seek kitchen renovations in order to improve their lifestyle and aesthetic appeal – and small changes can go a long way.

Plan for the Unplanned: Rule of thumb is – to set aside an added 15% of your budget for unexpected costs out of our control. This will allow you to feel confident in having the added funds available, if needed, and have your renovations moving ahead without time restraints due to cash flow issues.

Homeowners put their kitchen high on the list of most important spaces, and Sayers Contracting understands the appeal. Our exceptional kitchen renovations are completed in order to complement our client’s lifestyle in every way, creating and customizing your space as you see fit – with a complete over-haul or minor upgrades to any kitchen of any size.

If you are seeking a kitchen renovation in Langley, Surrey, Abbotsford – or any of the surrounding communities, we would be more than happy to discuss your options and have you preparing for a new kitchen this fall!

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