When is the Best Time to Begin Building a Custom Home in BC?

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If you have always had the dream of building a custom home in BC, there are a variety of factors we’re sure you have discovered. One of which is “when is the best time to start building”?

We are here to help you better understand that, offering advice and services to make your dream custom home – a reality!

When is the Best Time to Begin Building a Custom Home in BC?

There are various factors to consider as far as what constitutes the ‘best time’ to start building. Here are some considerations we think are important to mention…

Weather Conditions

As we are all aware, our weather conditions here in BC are generally wet. Which means, utilizing our ‘dry season’ is important, especially when it comes to laying foundation. Of course this means summer is often the best time to begin.

Contractor’s Client Base

Finding a contractor who can build your dream home is the start to an exciting journey. But ensuring that contractor doesn’t have more clients than they does time, is also important.

Personal Timeline

Your personal timeline is also an imperative part of the journey. Whether you have a required timeframe in which you are hoping to live in your new home, or you have commitments that will not allow you to be available for the various check-ins required throughout the building process. Keeping your timeline in mind is a massive consideration also.

At Sayers Contracting, we are here to help you with every detail of your custom home build in BC. Determining the optimal time to start your custom home construction is the first step.

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If you’re ready to customize the house of your dreams, let’s do it together. With our pre-construction package, we work with an architect to pull permits and start the process for you. We will have you meet with designers, listen to your vision, and then lay it all out on paper. Our process is simple, easy to follow and fully transparent.

As a custom home builder, we provide our clients with a plethora of services, and are here to help make your dreams a reality!

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